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Fresh eyes
Fresh Eyes through understanding how children learn

'How children Learn is a course that gives you fresh eyes. Knowing how children learn brings informed understanding that will help you to read a child's behaviour and inspire new ways of being with a child. I am glad to be able to introduce this new course that will change your lives.' T Lovemore

A mother shares her experience
"Working with Dr Lovemore to improve my family life has proven to be such a valuable, insightful experience.  Her knowledge and expertise enabled her to perceive my situation in such a unique way - and the suggestions that she has given me to implement with my son have been incredibly successful.  I initially contacted Dr Lovemore as my daughter was incredibly unhappy.  Having been a joyful child it was incredibly painful to see her as miserable, grumpy and unapproachable.  Having tried homeopathy to help over a period of time, and each time seen improvements which then fell away, the homeopath then suggested we seek Dr Lovemore's help.  
It was really astonishing to hear that my daughter's struggles were actually an indication that my 9 year old son was suffering and the sessions became about what we could do to transform his life (which would then return my daughter's life back to a happy one).   The behaviours and actions I had to embody to help my son were beautiful and deeply insightful - spending time smiling at him from a place of deep love of his unique wonderfulness, providing physical nurturing by being closer to him, walking with my arm round him and holding hands, and one of the biggest things - truly listening to him - hearing what he had to say without judgment and without trying to fix it.  All these actions created a network of support and stability for my son that has enabled him to flourish.  He has found confidence and inner strength and is now growing emotionally in amazing ways.  
I am indebted to Dr Lovemore for what she has done for us and the new path she has helped me create for my son.  It has been a real privilege to discover I really can help my family in such a transformational way."

If you need help with your parenting please see courses available online
Also, look for coming events around fresh eyes to understand complex child behaviour problems.

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