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Developing Love 

To love and be loved improves the quality of life, self-worth, a sense of purpose, improved health and happiness. When Love is an active force a sensation welling up inside you. You may experience it as a feeling or a flowing sensation in the centre of your body. Not the heady sensation of falling in love, but a strong flow that is replenished constantly as it flows from you. Loving in this way will leave you feeling refreshed or energised rather than tired and exhausted as you may have felt when you have tried to force yourself to love someone.

I have been giving these lessons now since 1995 and participants who have sincerely practised the exercises say they have learned to love anyone unconditionally, unreservedly and wholeheartedly. Thus, I feel confident that these lessons will help those who find it difficult to love.


Active Practical Love has a freeing effect on ‘the other’. In the early years I called this course of lessons Giving Freedom, because the effects of such an Active Practical Love allow others to be more themselves. Being loved in this way, ‘the other’ is made free to develop; in other words, when you are able to love someone unconditionally and unreservedly they are given the vitality to become who they really are.


So, as you become more practised you will recognise the full force of the activity of love. You will experience the effect on you the giver, as well as the receiver of your love. The truth is that you change yourself as soon as you change your feelings towards someone. So, when you practise the exercises your feelings of disappointment, disgust and resentment will transform into powerful feelings of love; or in the case of an absence of feeling for the other, a lack of regard can be transformed into deep felt loving affection.

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