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How to Love

Relationships are central to all our lives - when they go well, we are happy, when they are broken, we suffer.  This course enables us to build relationships that will improve our lives, and make a difference in the world, in the smallest and biggest of ways. 

‘This is the most important course I have ever done …

it is a privilege to offer it.’ Briar Grimley

Briar is a long-standing Waldorf teacher, adult educator, and Active Practical Love student and practitioner. Dr Tessabella Lovemore, founder of the course, has been her admired and loved teacher.

This course is a twelve-session practical course that enables each of us to develop the capacity to love anyone, unconditionally.

Available Online

11.00 – 13.00 South African time, 2nd Tuesday every month (one session each time)

 2024: 11/6, 16/7, 13/8, 10/9, 8/10, 12/11, 10/12. 2025: 14/1, 11/2, 11/3, 15/4, 13/5 


McGregor, South Africa

8.30 – 13.00 1st Saturday every 2nd month (2 sessions each time)

2024: 1/6, 3/8, 5/10, 7/12. 2025: 8/2, 12/4


Small-group and personal work is offered in the months between, and support throughout the year.

R5200 South Africa; R3200 McGregor Residents; (£360; €425; $450) Other

Reductions, payment plans, group rates available on request

Weekend accommodation specials for those staying at Temenos Retreat


Enquiries and Bookings

Briar Grimley


Blog: Google ‘KalloSophia

Insta: kallosophiaexperiences

Listening for Parents of Teenagers and young Adults

A Study of Active Practical Love


This is a special set of listening lessons specifically for the parents of teenagers and children up to the age of 28.  This course is for parents, teachers or anyone working with the young. Over the course of the four lessons, we will introduce the listening concepts given in the Listening Course but will tailor the work towards listening to your young loved ones.  This will focus on teenagers' interests, difficult subjects, strong emotions and body language.  We have every faith that these lessons will bring you greater understanding of and love towards your children, whether your offspring or students.  The listening course has been developed by Tessabella Lovemore out of her work on Active Practical Love. 


Thursdays at 9.30 UK or /Tuesdays at 19.30 UK

May 30/ June 4

June 6/ June 11

June 13/ June 18

June 20/ June 25


The course will cost £150, payable in two installments and with concessions available.  

You will be paired with another participant and will gain from meeting once for an hour between lessons to practice your listening.  


Please email or to sign up or for further information

How-To-Love (12 lessons)

Rose Maher and Donata Hoesch

October 2023 – May 2024

UK time Mondays 10am  and Tuesday 8pm

Also lessons in French with English worksheets.

Thursday 12 noon Central European Time

Are you interested in the next course?

Location : Online Zoom

Price: £360 or €400 

Contact:  or


Listening Training 

Kelly-Louise and Kathryn

Are you interested in the next course?

Location : Online Zoom

Price: £150 (please contact if you wish to pay in another currency)



Come Back to Your Senses

Lara Küppers

Tuesdays 2-3pm

LuusMuus Playroom in Egg, Switzerland

Price: 20chf for drop in and 60chf for all 5. 

Members of LuusMuus 10chf and 40chf respectively. or +41 75 412 4465 

Instagram: @lara.outthere

A weekly meeting for parent and child to slow down and become present in the moment. Each week we will explore one of the 5 senses (sound, touch, taste, smell and sight) and immerse ourselves in the here and now to create connection and a safe space. Parents are also welcome to join without their child in order to take the tools home with them. 


Listening Training 

Julie Lam 

January 2024

Location Hong Kong in person 

Price £150

Contact: information


How-To-Love (12 lessons)

Briar Grimley & Penny Perrin

April 2024 – May 2025

Cape Town in person

ZAR 6350

Contact: or or

Instagram: @kallosophiaexperiences or @learningtoloveza


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