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Lucia and Kelly are offering the life-changing course, Active Practical Love (APL), for the first time! Do you want to develop your capacity for compassion, love, self-care and forgiveness? Through APL, we’re offering you the practical tools to do just that. We have both completed this course several times and it has enriched and radically changed both our lives for the better, so we’re really excited to be sharing it with you! There are twelve lessons in this course, each consisting of a theme to raise awareness, some exercises to activate a change of consciousness and thought-provoking homework to keep you on track. You will learn the tools to transform irritation and bitterness, and even resentment, disgust and hate, into love.


This course teaches the tools to change our relationships and our lives in small and big ways. Active Practical Love improves the quality of life, self-worth, health and happiness for the loved and the lover. Doing this course will change your understanding of the people around you. 

Structure: this course is online, on Zoom. There is one lesson every two weeks, at 7pm - 8pm (GMT) on Thursdays, with a smaller group meeting in-between each lesson to practice. On alternate weeks participants will meet in small groups, in person, by phone or on zoom for practice. This will be self-organised and we will talk more about this once the course starts. 


Dates: May 18th, June 1st, 15th, 29th, July 13th, 27th

Break throughout August

September 7th, 21st, October 5th, 19th, November 2nd, 16th


Cost: £360. This is paid in one sum or in two installments.

Concession places are available for those experiencing financial hardship - this is not a set concession price and depends on what you can afford. Please contact us to discuss this if you need a concession place or if you'd like to pay the full price in more than 2 installments.


Please reply to this email if you’re interested in joining us, and feel free to send it around to anyone you know who may be interested! We are very happy to answer any questions via email or on the phone.

Free taster session: come along to a free taster session and see if this is for you on Thursday 27th April, 7pm - 8pm (GMT).

Lucia and Kelly



PS. Kelly and Lucia will both be replying to email. If you would like to speak to one of us specifically, please address the email to that person or use our phone number. Thank you!



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