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How to Love and Giving Freedom by Tessabella Lovemore PhD. 

Giving freedom is an act of Active Practical Love APL.

GIVING FREEDOM is what happens when we change something quite basic in the way we relate to others.  All the courses offered here are based on this principle of setting the other free to be who they really can be, and as soon as we can do it, life changes for the better.


The exercises given in the lessonsmlead to a way of relating that is both practical and of your own free will, and leads to discovering APL. APL is when love becomes a practical force that you use to change your feeling and understanding about the people around you; so much so that even resentment, disgust and hate can be transformed into a powerful feeling of love. 

After attending the course people said:


"During the year I have changed, or rather I have grown a wider, stronger, deeper capacity to know how to choose to Love.  I have learned HOW to do that within ordinary and everyday life".


"I find that I can now make the choice to see a situation that may have been a drama before, in a new light that changes my less conscious reaction into a chosen & more conscious response"


"During the past year I have learned to recognise and begin to unblock active as well as dormant traumas, this now helps me to communicate with Love even in stressful situations".


“I joined the course because a family dynamic was becoming very difficult to deal with. Over the year I have found my own voice and noticed my own choices and learned to interact on my own terms. Our situation has changed dramatically. As I side effect I am also much more competent in dealing with colleagues, and no longer troubled by feelings of dislike for tricky characters.”

“…What an amazing course! With such powerful and essential learning and healing for those of us (most of us) who have been injured during the journey of life. I wish I’d found this knowledge sooner.”

The How to Love course has been incredibly helpful; and in unexpected ways.


The "How to Love" course has been life transforming for me. It gave me the ability to look at my relationships with other people from a completely new perspective and, therefore, approach them in a different way. It equipped me with tools to better understand and feel compassion for both myself and those around me. It empowered me to access my own freedom, but also my responsibility and my ability to start changing things one step at a time.


Thank you for running this course.  The concepts and ideas have been enlightening and even more usefully for me, the practical exercises have enabled me to explore the ideas in a way which has made a priceless change to my relationships with my family.  Although I feel I have a long way to go, each hug I now receive from my son brings me such joy, and I am grateful to you for helping me find this again.  

© 2013 by Light and Shadow.

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