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About Me
About Me

I taught for 20 years in Rudolf Steiner Waldorf schools, before moving to research and adult education, as well as counselling and psychotherapy.

Since 1994 my work as Education Consultant, Counsellor and Social scientist has concentrated on ways of improving and overcoming problems relating to:


Now in my preparation for retirement I would like to share my gifts with those who will be making changes in the future. These courses offer a unique way to overcome the difficulties that prevent quality learning and loving relationships. However, one thing remains;


One day, listening to my favourite teaching psychotherapist, she said, when we work with people who are not sure of what their life means, we work on the senses.

Sense Enabling Mindfulness Research Methodology -  and invitation to social, physical and artistic practitioners, and therapists to design a course based on experiences and discoveries with twelve senses.


I have long wanted to develop a protocol of enhancing all 12 senses. My interest is in how life could change for those who have senses that may have been restricted, damaged or blunted by their life experiences,  and  trauma.  I have in mind a very practical programme to those who would benefit from exploring their world through their 12 senses. Such a programme lends itself to mental health care in women groups, men’s groups, parenting groups, companies and so on. The world is ready for very practical experiences. No need to convince anyone why they work, as from the beginning the experiences will work the magic. At the same time, as a research project we can gather evidence to show efficacy.


Are you interested in designing a life enhancing protocol that could be used in any therapeutic group,  institution, organisation and initiative group.


We could start with the higher senses and develop a mood of respect and appreciation of each other before exploring further. We have seen the breakdown of the lower and middle senses over time. Now the the deterioration of the higher senses have reached crisis point. 


Where will this take us? How such a protocol is documented, executed and accredited will depend on the development of the protocol through the people who come forward. The protection of quality of the programmes can be held by the Foundation for Active Practical Love* as well as other social and therapeutic services. This is not planned to become a franchise but as a gift to human mental and spiritual health. 


If you are interested, would you like to join this exploration? I look forward to hearing from you.

NEXT - The planned programme of collaborative work is as follows:



Active Research Days in  Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, West Wales 

Non contributing attendees will facilitate the learning and training of the contributors , while everyone will pay the same fee.

(costs approximately £400 per person per event, dates of 3 events below)


20th - 23rd January 2023

17th - 20th March   2023

18th - 22nd May     2023


The active research days will explore alternatives to regular Mindfulness and Psychotherapeutic Somatic practices through practical exercises, with a view to developing life enhancing Mindfulness Exercises using 12 senses.


My plan is that out of a range practical experiences we will develop a research methodology based on knowledge of the human being. Thus, the Sense Enabling Mindfulness Research Methodology  will include intentionality in Planning a sensory experience, Experiencing the sense, and Discovering how sensory experiences manifest within us. Thus we will be exploring Experiences and discoveries through doing. 




Persons wishing to contribute to the active research days in Llansteffan , and also for those who are interested in becoming contributors and leaders of future courses, knowledge sharing meetings start in October 2022 via Zoom. I have called these meetings Seed Beds. Please register your interest as soon as possible. 


THE SEED BED MEETINGS will explore the senses as indicated by Rudolf Steiner and other relevant and valuable sources. The aim is to build up a secure background of knowledge amount the participants of the Seed Bed meetings. So the Seed Bed meeting will bring information and food for thought to the preparation group so that planned research days can focus on Practice and Digestion. This means that, the active research days in Llansteffan will not include information sessions as literature will be covered in the Zoom meetings. 


Zoom dates for Seed Bed meetings lasting two hours, start at 7pm prompt. The meeting will then be closed to avoid false starts. For those who are unavoidably late, arrangements can be made with other attendees to catch up between meetings.


October 6th 2022

November 3rd 2022

December 1st 2022

January 5th 2023

February 2nd 2023

April  6th 2023

The concluding and future planning Seed Bed meeting will be 1st June 2023 


Finally, I have many references and copies of lectures for participants in the Seed Bed meetings. I will send these to participants who wish to contribute to this new venture.  We ask for a contribution of £70 admin fee for those attending to Seed Bed Meetings and wishing to receive literature references or copies via email. For photo copies and books, we will also ask for postage and a little extra for paper and ink.


Please contact us through the following email address 

My Inspiration​

The transformation of difficulty, enables or develops something greater than what was there before.

My own turning points were when I learned what makes a difference; what breaks the cycle of harm, and what genuine interventions bring healing, as well as to the one who harms.

ACTIVE PRACTICAL LOVE is the motif of all my work. 

© 2013 by Light and Shadow.

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