About Me
About Me

I taught for 20 years in Rudolf Steiner Waldorf schools, before moving to research and adult education, as well as counselling and psychotherapy.

My research interests focussed on Children’s Development, Learning and Behaviour; Effects Of Television Viewing; Moral Development; Active Practical Love; PTSD AND CPTSD; and Focussed Sensory Exercises.

Since 1994 my work has concentrated on ways of improving and overcoming problems relating to:


Now in my preparation for retirement I would like to concentrate more on teaching others to do this work by running courses. The courses I designed offer a unique way of overcome the difficulties that prevent quality learning and loving relationships.


Please read the other pages to get a greater understanding of the themes of my work.

A Brief Biography

1953 - born in South Africa
Before moving to the UK in 1984 I married David Lovemore, trained as a Steiner/Waldorf teacher, worked as a Housemother and Class Teacher in a Camphill Community, a voluntary outreach worker for a children’s hospital; taught in a Steiner Waldorf school mainly teaching handwork and crafts to 6 – 16 year olds, briefly taught in kindergarten, became a parent to three sons and fostered five children.

Between 1984 - 1994 I worked as a Class Teacher and in the management of a special school for children with emotional and behaviour problems. I also trained as a counsellor.

Since 1994 I have completed two higher degrees, engaged in a number of research projects; taught in academic institutions, run my own courses.

My Inspiration

The transformation of difficulty enables or develops something greater than what was there before.

My own turning points were when I learned what makes a difference; what breaks the cycle of harm, and what genuine interventions bring healing as well as to the one who harms.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, where lies, prejudice, violence, and abuse was part of home-life as well as part of the culture of the country. Yet, as dreadful as this may sound, everything that happened in my life and everything I have done has formed me. All the good and all the bad have been equally important for what I know now. I am grateful for it all. For example, being despised, unprotected and abused left me as injured as anyone with the same experiences. I longed to feel loved, I tried to do what I felt was ‘good’. I studied and worked hard and I read all I could about what I found to be good. I tried to be a good daughter, wife, mother, teacher and a ‘loving person’. But, while I yearned for love I was constantly bereft. Only when I learned how to love did I find my reality, my morality and meaning in this world.

ACTIVE PRACTICAL LOVE is the motif of all my work. 

Active Practical Love Lessons are available online.

For information about the courses email activepracticallove@gmail.com

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