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Mindfulness is sensory development
Discovering authenticity through our reactivating senses 

One day, my favourite teaching psychotherapist said, 'when we work with people who are not sure of what their life means, we work on their senses'. T. Lovemore

Sense Enabling Mindfulness Research is exploring how life could change for those who have been restricted, damaged or blunted by their life experiences  and  trauma.  


Presently a group of professionals in their fields are creating a very practical programme to explore world through 12 senses. Such a programme lends itself to mental health care in women groups, men’s groups, parenting groups, companies and so on. The world is ready for very practical experiences.





THE SEED BED MEETINGS explore literature from relevant sources. The aim is to build up a secure background of knowledge amoung the hosts of Active Reseach Days


Please contact us through the following email address 

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