This is my final year of offering these life-changing courses to improve all relationships.

After May 2023 we will launch a new website to continue the work. I am deeply moved by the integrity of the people who feel drawn to carry the work into the future.

All the courses are designed to make life better. The inspiration is Active Practical Love. So which ever course you take you will find a way of enjoying life and finding fun in many things. 


In the courses on How to Love, or Giving Freedom, the lessons give unique insights and ways of making all relationship thrive. So, from the start your relationships will begin to change  and all aspects of your life will change for the better.

Most importantly, the courses are about you and how you experience relating. This is why the exercises will build your capacities to experience compassion, love and forgiveness.

Learning to Love is a course about children and how they learn. The course introduces what is new from neuroscience and many years of research on behaviour, and learning.


Each lesson offers unique insight that will help adults drop unhelpful behaviour. Teachers will find new ways to support their pupils learning as they discover what lies behind learning and behaviour problems, and parents turn their lives around as the children in their care begin to thrive. 

In the Learning to Love course we have found that when parents and teachers understand how children develop, they experience children responding willingly. Soon learning and family life become the joy-filled experience of life.


Courses and lectures on Listening and Learning can be found on the course dates page.



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