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This is my final year of offering these life-changing courses to improve all relationships.

After May 2023 we will launch a new website to continue the work. I am deeply moved by the integrity of the people who feel drawn to carry the work into the future.

All the courses are designed to make life better. The inspiration is Active Practical Love. So which ever course you take you will find a way of enjoying life and finding fun in many things. 

I taught for 20 years in Rudolf Steiner Waldorf schools, before moving to research and adult education, counselling and psychotherapy.

Read my About me Page for my plans for a course on how we can use our twelve senses to alleviate the effects of trauma by exercising these sensory doors to perception.

My Inspiration​

The transformation of difficulty, enables or develops something greater than what was there before.

My own turning points were when I learned what makes a difference; what breaks the cycle of harm, and what genuine interventions bring healing, as well as to the one who harms.

ACTIVE PRACTICAL LOVE is the motif of all my work.

Now in my preparation for retirement I would like to share my gifts with those who will be making changes in the future. My courses offer a unique way to overcome the difficulties that prevent quality learning and loving relationships.

Please contact us through the following email address 

© 2013 by Light and Shadow.

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