‘Improving behaviour, learning, and relationships in schools.’

Conflict, poor communication, teaching styles, discipline and problem behaviour can prevent learning and break down teachers’ health. Regrettably, whole schools can be made toxic through the neglect of a single issue. For the pupils to learn and thrive at school, both teachers and pupils needs should be met.

I offer the following services

School Rescue – Conflict amongst staff, teachers and management, teachers and parents, between parents or between pupils bring the school atmosphere down to survival mode. I offer ways to improve relationships and resolve conflict through counselling methods that raise awareness and self-knowledge.

Problems with staff morale will improve overall by sharing and revisiting their knowledge and ideals. Based on the latest research and a wealth of experience I offer ways for staff to share and expand their knowledge of child development (cognitive, affective and moral), relationships, behaviour, discipline, bullying and learning.

Teacher Rescue - When teachers report behaviour problems in their classes, they often need help with developing their understanding of teaching techniques as well as learning about what works best for pupils at different ages. Through observing and mentoring I offer teachers ways to change their techniques and gain confidence in their new skills. For concerns and problems relating to individual pupil a specific rescue plan based on a deeper understanding of the pupil is most effective.

Pupil Rescue – Many children begin their schooling with some developmental delay or learning and/or behavioural problems. The problems teachers face is that no two children are alike and without specialised knowledge teachers may exacerbate problems in vulnerable pupils. Without help the consequences can be disastrous for pupils and his/her teachers. The service I offer is to enable the teachers involved to ‘read the child’. In other words, following my observations, I give detailed descriptions and practical advice as to how to understand and work with the individual characteristics of a pupil; bringing about positive changes for all concerned.

Parent Rescue – Good schools offer parents general support through parent education and regular communication on how their children are developing. My work meets the individual needs of parents. I offer counselling when family and parent-child relationships present problems, and parent-coaching for all general and mystifying issues related to being a parent.

I am currently training people to take over this aspect of my work. Those wishing to do consultation in schools will need a Masters Degree in Social and Affective Factors in Schools including Pastoral Care and Behaviour Guidance.

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