Problems at school

‘Improving behaviour, learning, and relationships in schools.’

Awareness of affective factors is vital to change situations of conflict, poor communication, reactive discipline and problem behaviour. These environments can prevent pupils learning and break down teachers’ health. Regrettably, whole schools can be made toxic through the neglect of a single issue. In my experience most problems in school improved when all staff and parents were offered training in how to reduce the use of behaviourism and reduce conflict. 

My work in school has been to improve the quality of life and learning, for all concerned. Very few schools have focussed on proactive pastoral care and only call on professionals when the situations have become very difficult to control. So, I initiated a fresh approach to Pastoral Care. This way I could could offer my experience for future work in school communities. 

Thus, I offer guidance to those wishing to train as consultants to schools within a collegiate called the Circle of Care. I will continue to support members of the Circle of Care until 2023.


THE CIRCLE OF CARE has a mission of setting new standards for education where the goal is to support parents, teachers, schools and children in ​a way that they may all thrive. 

Teachers and related professionals may join this non hierarchical collegiate of consultants concerned with the well being of children, parents and teachers.


You are welcome to apply to join the Circle of Care on the understanding that you intend to complete a Masters Degree in subjects associated to Social and Affective Factors, Pastoral Care, and Attachment and Trauma Aware behaviour guidance; and commit to further studies in child development.




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