In my field of work many hours of work are unpaid, therefore,

clients who pay my fees support my work, as well as my basic living needs. 


I charge per session rather than for my time. For example, if I feel it is necessary I will run over the time.

Consultations  on the phone are usually between 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Face to face consultations are usually 1½ hours to 2 hours.

Consultation fees are:

£50 per phone session ,

£85 per session in person ,
£350 per day for groups, schools and organisations.

TRAVEL - I charge for travel time and travel expenses.

REPORTS - Written Reports will be no less than £300.

PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS - Fees are payable on the day unless agreed otherwise.

CANCELLATIONS I expect part payment for late cancellations. 

There will be a small administrative charge for INVOICES.

REDUCED FEES AND LONG TERM PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS- I agree to reduced fees or long-term payment to assist clients experiencing financial hardship.

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